Friday, July 19, 2013

Byerly Foundation seeking grant-concept letters from now until September 16

As the executive director of The Byerly Foundation in Hartsville, SC, I wanted to ensure that I put the notice of the opening of the 2012/13 grant cycle on my blog. The Foundation only funds projects having direct impact on the greater Hartsville, S.C. area and with this mission we are striving for high impact.  Here is the news release that went out in early July:

July 1, 2013
Hartsville, S.C. -- The Byerly Foundation will be accepting grant-concept letters from now through September 16, 2013 for the 2013/2014 grant year.

The fundamental mission of The Byerly Foundation is to help the Hartsville, South Carolina area become one of the best places in the world in which to live. All of the grants approved by the Board must have a direct impact on the immediate Hartsville, SC, community. The Foundation has focused its grant making on education, economic development and quality of life projects.

Grant making process begins with Concept Letter

The Foundation's grant making process generally begins with a concept letter of one to three pages. The Foundation funds grants to non-profit 501(C)-3 organizations, schools, colleges, and government-sponsored community projects. Grant making for private foundations is regulated by the U. S. Tax Code. Persons with questions about eligibility should call the Foundation (383-2400).

Concept letters are requested because the Foundation Board desires to minimize the investment of time and resources for organizations to request grant funding. The Board does not require a fully developed grant request but does need certain specific information. The concept letter must include:
  • Name of organization and stated proof of eligibility
  • A description of the project envisioned by the organization
  • The outcome(s) that will result from the implementation of the grant project
  • The amount of funding being requested from the Foundation
  • The total cost of the planned project and the sources of other funding
  • The list of officers and board members of the organization
  • An explanation of how the project will make Hartsville a stronger community
The executive director of The Byerly Foundation, Richard Puffer, is available to help answer questions and provide any other guidance that organizations may need as they think about applying for grants. The Foundation's email is

The concept letters may be sent to The Foundation at P.O. Box 1925, Hartsville, SC 29551 or dropped off at the office at 101 North Second Street. They may also be submitted as attachments to an email message.

Grant making timeline
  1. The announcement of the grant-making cycle will be in July.
  2. Concept letters will be accepted through September 16.
  3. The Board will begin reviewing grant requests in October.
  4. Organizations being considered for funding will be notified in November.
  5. Often, organizations in consideration are asked for additional information.
  6. Final grant decisions are generally made prior to December 31.
The Byerly Foundation Makes Grants for Hartsville-area projects

The Byerly Foundation was established in 1995 with the sale of The Byerly Hospital to Hospital Management Associates. The proceeds of that sale were put into a private foundation managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Foundation has been making grants for the Hartsville area since 1998. Richard Puffer is the executive director of The Foundation and the Chairman of the Board of Directors is Charles J. Hupfer. Other members of the Board include: David Blackmon, Jerry Cheatham, Rob Tiede, Steve Avant, Monty Bell, Brianna Douglas, Johnna Shirley, Barry Saunders, Alvin Heatley and Todd Shifflet.
For more information, contact: Richard Puffer. He can be reached at 843-383-2400 or by email at

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